My passion for user experience stems from a deep sense of curiosity and empathy at the end user level. In the five years I have led the user experience efforts at Pursuant Health, my aspiration to delve deeper into the methodology and practice of human computer interaction had only grown stronger. This desire to learn more led me to the Human Computer Interaction Masters program at Georgia Tech where I am currently a first year MS HCI candidate. My ultimate goal is to contribute my learnings and experience toward a world of inclusive technology.

Currently, there exist an array of socioeconomic disparities, known as the social determinants of health, that contribute to a large gap in healthcare resulting in poor health outcomes for underprivileged and impoverished populations. In effect, it has been estimated that 60 percent of health outcomes are directly correlated with the social determinants of health according to the New England Journal of Medicine. It is my goal to improve the quality of life for this underserved population and to help close this gap in healthcare.

As Director of User Experience at Pursuant Health, I lead strategic thinking, creative concepting, and engaging design efforts to construct intuitive, ubiquitous health care platforms across multiple engagement channels. The user experience is developed with usability testing methodologies emphasizing the user journey, behavior patterns, task analyses, and cognitive walkthroughs in the retail environment.


Pursuant Health’s purpose is to engage individuals by incentivizing them to manage and improve their health; this enables Pursuant Health to capture critical data and get it into the hands of healthcare providers and insurers. Pursuant Health accomplishes this through the capture and integration of health-related data through its multi-channel platform including web, mobile and health kiosks, which creates a one stop shop for individualized healthcare engagement and incentivization. On average, Pursuant Health engages with 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 Americans every month.

A nationwide network of over 3,600 kiosks located in Walmart Pharmacies (contracted to expand into 100% of Walmart Pharmacies by 2018) provides free access to convenient, self-service health and wellness tools. Through an engaging and intuitive interface, users are presented the opportunity to take a blood pressure reading, measure weight and BMI, test visual acuity, learn their Health Age, and take the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Risk Test amongst others. Users can track and trend assessment and biometric data at the kiosk as well as on a free web platform.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving my husband’s life!”

“My husband, Ray, had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. While we were shopping, he decided to check his blood pressure on the machine located in Walmart (in Irvine, CA). It registered 215/96. He thought there might be an error, so I checked my blood pressure; then, he checked his again – which was 210/95.  We went to the hospital that day (9/26/2015), where my husband remained for 6 days. His blood pressure was through the roof, he had kidney failure that we didn’t know about, in addition to a tumor on his bladder… We will learn more in the coming weeks about how bad the cancer is, but I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We can now get into action to get my husband healthy.”


From a population health perspective, eligible health plan members scan a reward card with a unique secure barcode at Pursuant Health kiosks in Walmart pharmacies to launch health plan specific programs including health risk assessments, diabetic retinopathy screening programs, and flu shot programs. Once a program is completed, a monetary reward is loaded to the card to spend at the very same visit. Products and programs, including digital incentives, are currently in the planning and development stage. Additionally, in contracting with CVS for an initial Pilot Program in Fall 2017,  programs will likely include offering of CVS incentives.

A nationwide network of over 3,600 kiosks located in Walmart Pharmacies contracted to expand into 100% of Walmart Pharmacies by 2018.
Contract executed with CVS for an initial pilot program in Fall 2017.

Map – Current Foot print


All successful healthcare programs have one thing in common: they focus on the user. In order to be truly engaging, a program must not only consider—but prioritize—what the user wants, what they need, and what will motivate them to perform actions that result in positive health outcomes. This is the core concept embraced in the user-focused approach to population health. 


Kiosk Specification Image


27”W X 42”L X 74”H




120C OUTLET (4.4 AMPS)